When Sarah Marie and John Vince Milne bought their youngest son into the world, Alan Alexander Milne (A.A. Milne) they had no idea he would grow to be one of the greatest children's story tellers...  Alan Alexandra Milne (Alan) born January 18th, 1882 was bought up in London in his father's School, Henley House, with his brothers David Barrett Milne and Kenneth John Milne. While studying there he found inspiration in one of his teachers, H.G. Wells, who himself would go on to be a famous writer and a close friend to alan.

Henley House was a school that stood on the site of the current Remsted House, Mortimer Crescent, Kilburn NW6.  A plaque was be placed on the building on the afternoon of Monday 11th October 2010.  Residents were invited to come along at 4pm when AA Milne’s grand-daughter Clare Milne unveilled the plaque.

He was born as Eric Arthur Blair on 25 June 1903 in India, where his father worked in the Indian Civil Service.  Orwell lived in several houses in Hampstead. In 1942 he rented 10a Mortimer Crescent which was the lower half of the house. Orwell lived there with his wife Eileen O’Shaughnessy, his mother and his sister Avril.

Mortimer Crescent was built in 1854 and originally called Mortimer Road after Thomas Hill Mortimer, who was the solicitor for Fulk Greville Howard and then Colonel Arthur Upton, who owned the Greville Estate area. These were built as houses for wealthy and professional people. Orwell liked the house which conjured up middle-class households and told a friend: ‘they would probably have kept a Buttons here’, he said, enchanted at the thought. But other visitors thought the flat was a ‘dreary, icily cold basement’. This was partly because the boiler would go out unless someone got up in the night to stoke it.

It is always hard to narrow down the list - so we try and get a mix of people who are household names, who are significant in their field, where the plaque adds interest and depth to the local area and where the location and building owner consent to us putting up a plaque.  So far we have achieved this with AA Milne and George Orwell and the campaign is well underway for Gerry Anderson (Thunderbirds).

We are also very aware that the list - drawing on history tends to be male and middle class.  Further, local and national enthusiasm varies depending on the character we are proposing celebrating.  But we thought it would be helpful to shine a light on some of the characters we are looking at having a plaque to here in Kilburn NW6.  The other crucial element is the fundraising and much of this is done via local events, talks, collections, appeals and residents and we have arranged walking tours and the-like and ask for donations.  So if you can help with this please do get in touch - much hinges on local and public awareness and so any help you can give us with that is crucial.

Established in 2010 this is a scheme to illuminate the rich heritage of Kilburn and in particular recognise the many famous people who have been born here, educated here and lived here.  The first plaque to author and playwright AA Milne was put up on 11th October 2010 on Remsted House, Mortimer Crescent, NW6 5UT.  Firm plans are now in place to recognise the next set of famous names from the local area.

CALL FOR ASSISTANCE: A Kilburn plaque to Gerry Anderson?

We are delgihted to confirm that we have secured the support of the principle Gerry Anderson Fan Club http://www.gerryanderson.co.uk/campaign-for-blue-plaque-in-honour-of-gerry-anderson/

Gerry Anderson (1929-2012) creator of the iconic Thunderbirds series and characters was born Gerald Alexander Abrahams. His parents Joseph and Deborah Abrahams lived at 50 West End Lane from 1929 to 1935. This was a large detached house on the corner of Woodchurch Road and is now occupied by Sidney Boyd Court.  Gerry attended Kingsgate Primary School in Kingsgate Road, Kilburn, walking each day down Messina or Cotleigh Road.  In adult life he was a publisher, producer, director, and writer, famous for his futuristic television programmes, particularly Thunderbirds.  It has been proposed that a plaque should go on both Kingsgate School and Sidney Boyd Court in memory of Gerry and the amazing childhood he created for so many people.