The myth of Antinous is pretty strong and vivid.  It has developed over the years immediate after his death and the centuries since, and as with all good myths, the facts are tricky to pin down. But always keen on a challenge and seeing the raft of folks out there, also keen on this topic - let's try and put the pieces together.

Antinous is thought (based on an inscription) to have been born on or around 27th November - but the year is estimated as being between 110 and 112AD.  His year of death was 130AD but the date uncertain and thought to fall on or around 22nd October (24th being the feast of Osiris has been often used)

A city, Antinopolis - Hir-we, was founded in Egypt, by the Emperor Hadrian and named accordingly. It is thought that Antinous may have been buried there, or at least his funeral took place there, before his ashes 'may' have been transferred to Hadrian's villa in Tivoli, Italy.

It is said that about 30 temples were constructed to worship Antinous
70 cities have a link to the cult of Antinous the God
Over 30 cities struck coins to him
Games held in at least 9 cities
Over 100 busts have survived and it is estimated that there were up to 2,000 produced.

My question and challenge for folks is are you able to help me construct the lists to back up these numbers email me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Here is my first cut, if you can back up with source or link or book reference I would be very grateful.  Ed

The 30 Temples:

  1. Tivoli, Italy
  2. Hermopolis
  3. Oxyrhynchus
  4. Tebytris
  5. Lykopolis
  6. Luxor
  7. Tarsos
  8. Philadelphia
  9. Lanuvium
  10. Bithynion
  11. Mantineria

70 cities with links of active temples and the Cult of Antinous and contemporaneous worship

  1. Maryport, England

At least 115 busts or sculptures of Antinous have survived.

  • 44 have been found in Italy, 20 from Hadrian's Villa Adriana, Tivoli
  • 12 have been found in Greece and Asia Minor
  • 6 in Egypt.

Over 31 cities in the Empire, the majority in Greece and Asia Minor, struck coins of Antinous

  • Mantineia (The Arcadians), Peloponnesus
  • PAPHLAGONIA, Sinope,
  • BITHYNIA: Bithynium, Calchedon, Cius, Nicomedia, Tium
  • MYSIA, Adramyteam, Hadrianothera
  • LESBOS, Mytilene
  • IONIA, Ephesus, Smyrna
  • LYDIA, Sala, Sardis, Stratoniceia-Hadrianopolis, Tmolus
  • CILICIA, Tarsus
  • EGYPT, Alexandria

Games held in honour of Antinous were held in at least 9 cities, and included both athletic and artistic component.

  1. Bythynion
  2. Antinopolis
  3. Mantineia
  4. Athens
  5. Eleusis