It's not that often these days that I get down to London and so the schedule of what you do is always constrained. First,the purpose of the visit, second the friend whom you are staying with and third a specific close acquaintance with whom you have cause to catch up.  

The only other things I managed to squeeze into that was a coffee with a long standing fellow local history buff about how and where I might dispose of my local history collection of north west London and then a pressured sense of the train times.  Today I'm on time, indeed ahead of time and so get to pop into the British Library.

Sitting in your market stall or in the antique fair is only half of the story if what I spend my time doing - the hunting, buying, looking up and researching occupies at least half of your time.

And sometimes the surprises come in unlikely forms.  I had a lot of old books - and here amongst them, unmentioned, unnoticed and largely untouched lay a Victorian scrap book. Nice binding, quality paper and in top condition with gilt edging and I thought untouched at all. Flicking through there as no sign of any annotation or use.

Yes we buy books, antiques, bric-a-brac, maps and more.  But here on behalf of Brockwell Books of Chesterfield is our 'honesty policy'.

Let's try and give you a bit more of an insight of how we operate.  People after ask us to quote, purchase and remove items that they no longer need.  These are often items they have received via another friend or relative or wish to sell for the cash.

Today is well and truly a summers day - we are here in Chesterfield Market with our market stall - bottom end near The Market Fish and Chip Restaurant.  It's is a glorious day and the town feels busy.

To get into the spirit of summer and all the positives that inspires I have decided to hold a discount sale - it's not something I have universally done before but it seemed worth a try.  Huge numbers of the books I have previously individually priced up have been poured into my £1 section and a large number of good quality hardback biographies I have placed into a £2 or 3 for £5 section.

Well this is something very different and yet I am undergoing almost regular flashbacks just sitting here - yes, I'm doing an indoor antiques fair.  Now it's been a while, but this time here here as the dealer.

Since the age of very young, I was brought up on antique fairs - Saturdays were wrapping and packing the antiques and Sundays were early mornings loading the car and driving to what was often a large venue hotel or sports centre.  There Mum and Dad would run the stall.  I would be the hired hand at 50p a box carried from the car to the stall both in the morning and then the evening - the resulting £5 or so was then my spending money at these antique fairs.