Serbia is a very small country - indeed for one so small it is very well known.  Is this because it punches above its weight or because being part of the Balkans it is the cross roads of Europe and the Middle East, or it just infamous for the wrong reasons thrown up by history.

I arrived back yesterday in sweltering heat - I have not packed the right clothes!  In the evenings it's warm and balmy - lots of people are out walking in the evening.  And Belgrade has a new confidence - buildings are lit to show them off, church towers gleam with beneficial donations.  And the young folks have short dresses to reflect the weather and short sleeves to reflect the weekend.  It could be a video cut away for a re-issue of a Cardigans track for the summer.

Horse on the hills of JagodinaAnd as the dusty sunlight dripped though the trees, I climbed and stretched my way past the benches and fixed seating of the park. A park laid out for formal fun and limited joy. And there at my pathways edge, where the mist danced and the sun gleamed straight into my eye I stopped. Seeing the route ahead streaming with golden sun, but seeing nothing, such was its strength I paused. But resolution set, I pushed on past the facade and into the midden.

I've been reflecting on my last few days here in Belgrade, Serbia. I have been working for sometime with the LDP (Liberal Democrat Party of Serbia) for a few years now and we have been concentrating on human rights and LGBT issues. And some of that work culminated this weekend with Pride.

In addition we laid our plans for the next stage of our programme which is to start to look across the whole of Serbia and not just Belgrade.

I seem to be putting my emotions and nerves through a iron mangle this week - and I'm only on my third day here...

EYesterday I went down the the Bus Station here in Belgrade - it is not far from the city centre, fairly close to the Parliament and next to the main train station. Last time I was here in Serbia I went there to sit and relax and write a few notes whilst I waited for my bus to Srem.